Well, wave the magic wand - TA DAA!!! Now you have the business partner you've been wishing for. Meet me, Nicolette Quinn. 

I provide financial management services for small businesses. That means someone to look forward with you - translate your dreams into tangible plans and help with decision-making and financial problem solving along the way. 

 With 20 years of experience, a pile of qualifications (if you care about those things) + real BIG business skills = I understand business. My real gift is bringing SIMPLICITY to it all.

And am here to support you with the financial skills so you get to share what you're good at with the world. 

As a entrepreneur I was faced with the questions of how we can improve our cash flow, run an ethical business and push for sustainable future growth. You have given me the confidence and understanding to make the right financial decisions for me and my business.
— Liz Strydom, co-owner Missibaba Accessories

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